Are you a singer, rapper, dancer, poet, MC, comedian or presenter?
Or are you a public speaker, conference speaker or seminar presenter?
Or even a student planning a class presentation or project defence?

Planning a performance or presentation can be very scary but more scary is the thought that you’re actually going to stand before an expectant audience to nail it.
You have to nail it.
They expect you to nail it.

This is your opportunity to become the outstanding and highly effective performer/presenter you’ve always wanted to be.

Come learn how to make the most of every audience by presenting yourself with the confidence and clarity that creates trust, drives engagement, yields results and keeps you at the peak of your performance.


  1. Stage positioning, stage management, stage geography and blocking
  2. Overcoming stage fright, crowd phobia, cold feet and other stage related challenges.
  3. The 5 secret transformation keys of highly effective performers.
  4. Gaining stage confidence and clarity that creates trust, drives engagement that keeps you at the peak of your performance.
  5. Professionally transform your body into a communication instrument to connect with your audience to support and deepen the impact of your performance.
  6. The art of stage craft in church worship (tailored for worship leaders)
  7. Non verbelal communication i.e: Proxemics, Chronemics, Oculesics and Haptics covering body language, facial expressions, touch, time and space.


Duke Emmanuel (Co-founder JunkHouse Inc, OAP, HitFm) On how to leverage Radio stations to build your brand

Jossy Oku (CEO, Jossy-entertainment, OAP) On how to pull a successful media and publicity stunt the #BIGPICNICWAY.

Date: 29th June 2019
Time: 9am prompt
Venue: Grace Consulate Cafe, 39 chambly Street Southern Calabar.

Tickets available for N3000 and N2000 for early sign ups.

Come, learn how to make the most of every audience by presenting yourself with the confidence and clarity that creates trust, drives engagement, yields results and keeps you at the peak of your performance.

For tickets, call Joy on 0817 374 7604
Pay to Account Number 2061116751
Account Name: BENNY ATSUA
Bank Name: UBA
Call 07037513272 after payment for verification.


Have you found that you couldn’t break a particular performance ceiling?

For example, no matter what you do to connect with your audience, you can’t make it past the average performer?

Many presenters, performers and speaker have suffered this terrible stage challenge. To be honest, you don’t want to find yourself here in your next presentation or performance.

Ever wondered why you are not being payed as much as you expect?
Do you know that event promoters, talent managers or just anyone who calls you for a gig pays you according to what you deliver?
You can be one of the most highest payed artist, speaker or presenter in your city…


Until you reorient yourself, seek superior knowledge or skill, you’ll keep hitting that ceiling.

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Added Value: You will also learn to: