Hi my name is Benny Ats and I know a lot of things about stage.


Promiz Agbo, Beatboxer, Brand Ambassador for Cross River State Ministry of Tourism.

I can’t say “wow” enough. Meeting Benny Ats was a major turn around for my creative life. I know many artists who may think they don’t need sit under Benny Ats to coach them but hello, I studied Theatre Arts. That should tell you, yes you that does not even have Theatre background the practical value of what he is doing. Today I am an ambassador for Cross River State Ministry of Tourism Bureau. Thanks to Benny Ats for coaching me through those competition periods.


My goal is to help you make the most of every audience by presenting yourself with the most creative confidence, intelligence and clarity that creates trust, drives engagement and yields results. My methods are Simple, Effective & Practical.
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